Daniela Grosz
Empath & ENFP personality type
With a background in anthropology and policy, I've always had a passion for understanding people. 

Why UX?
Upon gaining a couple of years experience as a multifaceted business analyst turned UX researcher/designer, this passion developed into one for technology as well. I was able to discover the realm of human-centered design as I worked with stakeholders to communicate these design ideas to allow for business and user best practices. 

The Decision
I've always been a creative at heart and was naturally drawn towards the UX side of things in the workplace. I often jumped at opportunities to partake in the design of our product, and immediately knew this was my calling as I have not looked back since. I've been able to build on my UX foundations and apply my prior knowledge and experience to these new skills that I have gained.

My Hobbies
When I'm not designing you can find me running, traveling, or doing anything active/outdoors! My friends joke that I go on vacation to exercise as you'll often find me hiking or exploring new running locations. 
Looking to chat? Feel free to reach me on LinkedIn or e-mail me at danielasgrosz@gmail.com
I look forward to meeting you!

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